Our mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date educational and career information to S.C. schools and other sites through the use of South Carolina’s own Career Information Delivery system (SCOIS). The SCOIS Career System will assist educators with incorporating integrative learning strategies that address state curriculum standards in conjunction with current and practical educational and career information. It will further allow teachers to develop efficient long range academic achievement plans for students.

Career Development
Career Awareness in Elementary School (English)(Spanish)
Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style (English)(Spanish)
Financial Aid Resources (English)(Spanish)
Finding the Right College (English)(Spanish)
First Time Login Instructions
Help Your Child Make Career Decisions (English)(Spanish)
Helping Your Child Succeed in School (English)(Spanish)
Helping Your Child Identify Interests (English)(Spanish)
Homework Tips and Study Skills (English)(Spanish)
Is Your Child Ready for Elementary School (English)(Spanish)
Is Your Child Ready for High School (English)(Spanish)
Is Your Child Ready for Middle School (English)(Spanish)
Parent Brochure
Parent Involvement Student Success (English)(Spanish)
What Classes Should My Child Take (English)(Spanish)
What Should My Child Do After High School (English)(Spanish)
Work Experience Options for High School Students (English) (Spanish)
Why Should My Child Explore Careers? (English)(Spanish)